Lucia Riccelli, painter and performance artist.


Lives and works in Vienna, Rome, Zakynthos.


Born in Rome and having attended the Liceo Artistico Statale specializing in painting, she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome with a Diploma in Stage Design in 1993.

She studied ballet at a private conservatory in Rome, receiving her Diploma in 1990. Then she specialized in contemporary dance, physical theatre and yoga attending courses in Rome, Vienna, London, Paris and Salzburg.

She has studied and played the violin since 1987.

After her moves to Vienna in 1995, she has worked for various dance companies performing in Italy, Austria, Germany, Great Britain (London), U.S.A. (New York) and Egypt (International Festival for Experimental Theatre, Cairo.


Since 2005 she is performing action-painting and art performance, participating (also as a dramatist) in numerous artistically and commercial events .

Performing and dance improvisation at different concerts with various musicians, composers and authors.


Performing art has always influenced Lucia Riccelli’s artistic development. She is directing her own performances where painting, dance, video filming, live music, installation art and live painting are continuously researched and reflected in her artistic work.


She teaches painting, drawing and Modern dance in public and private schools as well as in her studio. Find more information in the teaching section.